Treat yourself with an Empire Glassworks limited edition Sprinkles Cone hand pipe. This Ice Cream pipe displays realistic details while being a fully functional dry herb pipe. These fun, themed pipes are a great addition to any ice cream lover or smokers glass collection. Each Sprinkles Cone Pipe is handblown from quality borosilicate glass in the USA.


Hand Pipe Features:

  • Limited Edition
  • Realistic detail with full functionality
  • Perfect sized herb bowl with a carb on the side of the pipe
  • Thick, quality American made glass
  • Unique and fun
  • Approximate pipe length: 6 inches
  • Engraved logo


Each Ice Cream Cone Pipe is handblown and unique. Actual characteristics may vary slightly from the photo. 


Disclaimer: Not real ice cream, do not mistaken for an ice cream munchie snack.


For real ice cream recipe check out my infused canna chipwhich recipe or my infused ice cream sandwich recipe.


Sprinkles Cone Hand Pipe

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