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4 cool hidden apps you didn’t know were on your iPhone

There's no reason for your iPhone to keep secrets from you, especially when those secrets are so useful in your everyday life. For example, you may not realize that every iPhone with a relatively recent version of iOS hides apps that you might want to use. How to show people that they are not easy to find. Or useful apps such as scanner to pdf app.

Code Scanner

You can scan the QR code by opening the camera, but iOS 14 and later also have a code scanner that doesn't appear when you search the iPhone app. In Settings, click Control Center, scroll down to find Password Scanner, and then click the plus sign to move it to the Built-in commands section. When you're ready to use the code scanner, swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone to open Control Center, then tap the code reader icon, which will display a camera and the text "Find a code to scan."


The camera isn't the only app that lets you zoom in on your surroundings. This hidden magnifier app not only zooms but also allows you to adjust the brightness. Use the same process as the code reader to put the loop in the control center. Tap the plus sign next to Settings, Control Center, and Magnifier, then swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone to open Control Center. The slider adjusts the zoom level (or you can pull it out to zoom in) and you have more control over it, including the shutter speed, settings, flashlight, exposure settings, brightness and contrast, filter color, and more.

Field Test Mode

Murphy's Law Your iPhone may have the weakest connection at home, where you want to use it the most, but Field Test Mode helps you determine signal strength with numbers, not bars. If you want to use field test mode, please turn off Wi first. -Fi in Control Center or Settings. Then open the phone application and enter the following code and number sequence:

*3001#123 5#*

and press the call button, which will open the control panel where you can see the signal of the connected mobile phone. power and more. month

Feedback Assistant

If you know how to catch bugs, you should use Feedback Assistant (iOS 12 and later) to report anything you find on Apple TV, Apple Watch, or HomePod. A car can detect many things, but there is no substitute for a good personal error message. Open the Safari app and enter apple feedback:// as the URL. This will open the Feedback Assistant, asking you to sign in with your Apple ID. If you're in iOS beta, this app might be visible in your app library and may be added to your home screen, but even if you're not in iOS beta, it's secretly there.

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