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How to write a title page for a lab

A title page accompanies all your study materials. These are not only diplomas and term papers, but also laboratory, homework, practice reports and other important works. These are the design requirements.

One day, your work will be taken out of the cabinets to check how students fulfill the requirements of the university. For example, during accreditation . And if the teacher agreed to accept an incorrectly designed work (especially on the most noticeable, title page), he may have problems with the department.

An incorrect title page for a lab is a good reason not to accept it. It's a shame to get a "tail" just because of the design, but this happens all the time.

Title page of the lab

The title book as such is needed so that it is easy for the inspectors to navigate among the many of your works. Therefore, all the data that is located on it is important. The most important, noticeable and written in large print - the official name of the university, department, subject, name and number of laboratory work - in the center.

On the side - who is your teacher, your name and group number . At the end of the title page - the city and the current year . The layout is designed to make it easy to find the information you need when looking at the cover page for the first time.

Design problems arise when you decide yourself, from scratch, to write it. You need to strictly adhere to spacing, paragraphs and alignment. Some inscriptions are written in upper case, in some each word is required to be capitalized. You can make a mistake with the placement of the university logo and the number of indent lines between the inscriptions.

The work may not be accepted, even if you put a dot where it should not be and ordered it on the (for example, in the name of the subject). These are the design standards, and it is pointless to fight them.

Title page requirements

The next step after specifying the necessary information is its correct execution, in accordance with the requirements of methodology which you can find on the can someone write my essay web:

  • 14th Times New Roman on A4 sheet;

  • one and a half line spacing;

  • indents for margins - 10 mm on the right, and 20 mm on the left, bottom and top;

  • automatic hyphenation and indentation of the first line from 0.75 to 1.5;

  • the text is justified.