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The 420 Gourmet

The Foodies Guide to Cannabis : A Smart, Sophisticated, And Beautifully Illustrated Cookbook For At- Home Chefs Wanting To Safely Create And Experience Their Own Edibles

The 420 Gourmet Book Cover

The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine

In The 420 Gourmet, JeffThe420Chef, combines his fun-loving approach to cooking with practical information about marijuana—including specific guidelines for safe dosing (along with a comprehensive dosage calculator), summaries of the principal strains and their typical effects, and details on the herb’s medical and recreational benefits.

The Art & Science

Cooking with cannabis is both an art and a science. The art is in cooking and baking food so that it tastes and looks great. The Science is choosing the right strain of cannabis to achieve your desired results and then dosing properly

JeffThe420Chef In The Kitchen

The 420 Gourmet Is Structured To Teach All, Regardless Of Your Familiarity With Cannabis 

Before Ingesting Cannabis You Must Know How To Pick The Right Strain For You

JeffThe420Chef Holding Nug

Step-by-step process to make “light-tasting” canna-butter and canna-oils, the secrets behind his outrageously delicious and truly unique recipes. Once you create these staple ingredients yourself, it is easy to incorporate cannabis into everyday dishes—the “pot-sibilities” are endless!


From brunch and small plates to salads and gourmet dinners—and featuring gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options—The 420 Gourmet elevates the edible experience.

Infused Breakfast From the 420 Gourmet

By following Jeff’s dosage guidelines, the culinary cannabis experience will no longer be limited to a single bite of a brownie.

Ganja Gourmet Fakin’ “Bakin’ ” Burger

The only question is, how will you start your 420 Culinary Journey!

Potzo Ball Soup
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Nicknamed The Julia Child of Weed” by The Daily Beast and the “King of Edibles” by Elite Daily, JeffThe420Chef is ready to share over 100 of his special cuisine secrets with the help of publisher Harper Wave.


While experimenting in the kitchen, Jeff developed special oils and butters that lacked the distinct cannabis flavor, which he called "Tasteless" Cannabutter and Cannaoils.


Chock full of gourmet and comfort food recipes, The 420 Gourmet will focus on the benefits of CBD and THC infused edibles and how they help in terms of health and mood while providing detailed measurement and dosing instructions and how to prepare cannabis infused dishes safely and properly.



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