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Meet JeffThe420Chef

“Elevate your edible experience with JeffThe420Chef, Inventor of “Tasteless" CannaButter and CannaOils”

Dedicated to improving the lives of other people, JeffThe420Chef, author of The 420 Gourmet: The Art of Elevated Cannabis Cuisine cookbook (Harper Wave, 2016) and host of the “Wake and Bake with JeffThe420Chef" podcast, is the only cannabis chef in the world that specializes in cooking and baking with specially crafted, strain-specific “Light Tasting” and “Tasteless" canna-butters and canna-oils, created to achieve the health and wellness goals of those who choose to medicate with cannabis. 

Jeff is the inventor of Culinary Cannabis, odorless smokable cannabis flower, and "tasteless" canna-oil and cannabutter. He rose to prominence as one of the world’s top cannabis chefs by using molecular gastronomy and culinary deconstruction to reinvent the cannabis consumption experience. Jeff is also the Executive Chef of Monica’s House, a cannabis edibles consumption lounge in West Hollywood. Through his creations, Jeff is revolutionizing the cannabis consumption experience.


Dubbed “The Julia Child of Weed” by The Daily Beast, The Ganja Gourmet by Newsweek, The King of Edibles by Elite Daily, a legendary cannabis chef by Cheddar, and one of the world’s top cannabis chef’s by Culture Magazine, JeffThe420Chef, works with cannabis in ways that no other cannabis chef in the world does. Jeff has been redefining the cannabis consumption experience since 2012 with his "tasteless" cannabutter and canna-oils, edible culinary cannabis, which mimics herbs like oregano, rosemary, and thyme and infused cooking oils devoid of the herbaceous cannabis taste. 


In 2014, Jeff became famous for inventing the process which cleans cannabis and neutralizes the herbaceous taste of the plant while simultaneously pioneering "layered micro-dosing”, the practice of serving a combination of precisely low-dosed edibles over the course of a meal. Jeff’s mission is simple: to make cooking with cannabis simple and easy for everyone and to bring the cannabis consumption experience into the mainstream. To that end, JeffThe420Chef wrote ​The 420 Gourmet ​cookbook and created the popular "THC/CBD Calculator" to help home cooks and chefs determine the THC and CBD dosage of the edibles they make. Jeff is also a culinary instructor and teaches a series of classes called "The Art of Cooking with Cannabis" in medical and recreational states. The goal of his class is to help people understand the nuances of the various strains of cannabis, the differences and importance of THC & CBD, how to select the right strain for the individual needs, how to gauge and manage the potency of housemade cannabutter and oils, how to "dose" edibles properly and how to make his “light tasting” cannabutter and canna-oils.

Today, JeffThe420Chef is preparing to launch Monica’s House, an edibles consumption lounge in the heart of West Hollywood, as well as his highly sought after revolutionary cannabis products.


JeffThe420Chef and his recipes are continuously featured in high profile publications including the High Times, Cheddar TV, MerryJaneEmerald MagazineThe ForwardCulture Magazine and Edibles Magazine. He has also been featured on TruTV with Margaret ChoBakeout.tvViceBusiness Insider, WeedmapsTV (soon to be released), Elite Daily, The Daily Beast, The Boston Globe  The New York Daily NewsThe Huffington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and more...


JeffThe420Chef Brownies

"I love what I do, enjoy meeting interesting people, sharing my recipes and helping others! All you have to do is get me to your place and supply the ingredients. I'll take care of the rest." 

"I believe that cannabis is a gateway to a better quality of life for people"

"It's one thing to do it, it's another thing to do it right!"

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