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Jeff's Levo Potency Hack

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Learn how to unlock the potential of your Levo Oil Infuser!

Welcome Friends! Join me to learn how to use Levo's newest machine the Levo 2! In this video, I will go over how to use the new machine and the main differences between the Levo 1 and the Levo 2. Additionally, I will teach you my long-awaited potency hack!

The original infusion device by Levo (also known as the Levo 1) is a fantastic machine for infusing your butter or oil with any herb including cannabis, hemp, rosemary, and oregano at the touch of a button.

It's incredibly well made and beautifully designed. In its time it was the best on the market! The device streamlines the process with time and temp control. After use, cleanup is made easy! It's as simple as putting the reservoir in the dishwasher. It's great to make small batch infusions at home.

As you may know, cooking with cannabis cant be quite a project, from washing and decarbing your bud to infusing it into your desired oil or butter, to only then start cooking, can sound daunting. The Levo 1 is great for simplifying the infusion portion. Now, Levo has done it better with the new Levo 2, solidifying themselves as the ultimate infusion device. The new device has changed the game.

For the culinary cannabis connoisseur, the new Levo 2 is the perfect all-in-one device for making your infused butters and oils. The ultimate infusion device comes stacked with features that a cannabis chef or home cook dreams of! The new device includes features like "Dry and Activate" which drys and decarbs your flower, and access a mobile app that can control your device and see past infusions!

The new system comes with a new and improved larger pod, and this is where my hack comes in. Its even simpler than you may think! To increase the potency of your butter or oil you need to increase the amount of flower and the surface area the oil has to play with. I have had special screens made to just the right size to fit both machines.

To use the hack device its important to follow the directions below.

Decarb flower using the devices activate cycle to prepare it for infusion. Once the flower is finished decarbing, remove the flower and set it aside in a bowl. Then follow the directions below.

Instructions for use of hack device- Clean and Dry before Use*

Step 1: Use the infusion screen instead of the pod.

Step 2: Place screen on the bottom of the Levo reservoir, making sure that the screen edges are evenly against the walls of the reservoir. This is to prevent any plant particles from draining into your finished product when you dispense.

Step 3: Place the Levo magnetic stirrer on the center metal ring of the screen. Make sure you completely cover the ring guide in the center of the screen. The screen edges should be flush with the walls of the reservoir.

Step4: Place your dried and decarbed plant matter on top of the screen.

Step 5: Add desired infusion ingredients such as oil, butter or vegetable glycerin.

Step 6: Infuse at 180ºF for 2 hours (JeffThe420Chef’s suggested infusion recommendation)

Step 7: Dispense

Voila! There you have it! You should beautiful potent oil or butter!

Tip: Check your finished product for loose plant matter. If necessary you can use a clean screen to re-strain your finished product into your storage container.

To calculate the potency of your oil or butter use my THC Calculator.


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