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Where To Find CBD Products to Promote a Better Connection to Yourself

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Caliva.


Want to incorporate CBD into your self-care, spirituality, or intuitive work but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with these 7 products

Developing a better inner connection with yourself is a life-long goal, and one that can take on many forms. CBD can be a great companion on this road if you’re interested in deepening your self-care, spirituality, or intuitive work. Caliva CBD is your one-stop shop for top-notch CBD products that can assist you in whatever your goals happen to be. Whether you prefer topicals, edibles, or drops, there’s a little something for everyone to try on this list.

Soul Grind

Making it oh-so-easy to rise and grind

Nobody wants a case of the jitters--it can throw off your vibe and might even affect your mood for the day. If you love coffee but don’t always like what too much caffeine can do, why not try this organic cold brew, with no added sugar, no gluten, no dairy, and 100mg of caffeine per can? Oh and did we mention that it also comes with 10mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD? That’s right, Soul Grind is the bevvy that can foster a sense of calm energy at the start of your day that you need, setting you up for a successful day. When you start the day out with an energized soul, who knows what you can accomplish!

Soul grind comes in three flavors: Black, Vanilla, and Mexican Chocolate. You can pick up a 12 pack of each flavor, or get the sampler pack! You can also set up a subscription so you’ll never run out of your new favorite coffee.

Well by Caliva Bath Bomb

Make some personal time just for yourself

Life can be hectic sometimes, which can make it hard for us to slow down and make some time for self-care. What better way to connect to yourself then through a well-deserved bath coupled with a luxurious bath bomb? The Well by Caliva Bath Bomb contains 60mg of hemp-derived CBD mixed with aromatic lavender and peppermint oil, sure to help you unwind after a long day. A bath with this bath bomb is also a great way to start any intuitive work, as it can help you to slow down and be present.

Well by Caliva Serum

Giving your skin a little extra love goes a long way

Another must-have for a self-care routine is the Well by Caliva Serum. An ideal way to give your skin a little extra TLC, this serum contains 200mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD along with Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride oil to create a lightweight moisturizer sure to be your new favorite. You can use it nightly on your skin, or if your skin needs some extra love, you can apply twice per day and as needed. Consider pairing this serum with the Well Bath Bomb for an exceptional night in of completely luxurious care.

Provault Muscle Salve

A cream to use anywhere you need it

Sometimes we forget how great a workout can make you feel. Exercising is a fantastic habit, but at times we can push ourselves too far. Enter Provault Muscle Salve. Infused with 1500mg of hemp extract, camphor, menthol, and arnica, your skin (and your nose) will appreciate this moisturizing and aromatic cream. Feel free to apply either before a workout, or after, and just allow the salve to absorb. Not to mention it’s easy to apply anywhere your body needs a little extra care.

Rose Quartz Tea

Because tea just makes everything better

When you need a moment to yourself, it’s always a good idea to put the kettle on and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Especially helpful when we need a minute to slow down and gather our thoughts, tea can provide us space to do that. Eternal Therapy’s Rose Quartz Tea combines 25mg of CBD with the aromatic herbs cardamom, saffron, ginger, cinnamon, rosebuds, and chamomile. Simply add hot water and enjoy the aroma of this spectacular combination of herbs. The perfect addition to your day, sip on this tea anytime you want to take a step back and take some time to connect to yourself.

Soul Spring Peppermint Hemp CBD Oil

Use this CBD tincture anytime you need a little “me time”

You never know what the day might bring you, which is why it’s always good to be prepared for anything. Soul Spring Peppermint Hemp CBD Oil is an easy way to incorporate full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD into each and every day. Designed to be a part of your daily routine, these drops can be taken under the tongue, or in your food or beverage of choice. Did we mention this oil has an amazing peppermint aroma as well? When we’re able to take a little time for ourselves each day, we’re all the better for it.

Mr. Moxey’s Mints - Dream Peppermint

Keep on dreaming!

Having a good bedtime routine is a great way to promote some extra “me-time” into your evening. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of everything from a long day (or week!) but keeping to a consistent and daily wind down routine is an important part of any lifestyle. Mr. Moxey’s Dream Peppermint mints include 5mg of CBD with valerian root, passion flower, and lavender to create some space for you to slow down after the daily grind. Use that space to enjoy the rest of your evening with a quiet activity like reading, listening to music, or journaling. These mints are easy to store in your nightstand and taste like a dream.

Connecting to yourself, making time for self-care, and learning to follow your intuition are goals that take time and practice to achieve. Although there are many paths to explore, adding a CBD product to your journey could be just what you’re looking for. Considering trying out any one of these highly-recommended products, all available at Caliva CBD.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Caliva.

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