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An expository essay on “How listening to music affects your life?" - Tips & Sample

An expository essay is a kind of essay which is based on factual evidence. In this type of essay, the essay writing service have to explain the idea explicitly. The tone of an expository essay should be natural. In an expository essay, you have to give a logical description of complex details, and avoid giving your personal opinion. When you write an essay on expository topics, instead of explaining your narrative and personal opinion about the topic, you will only provide explanations regarding a set of ideas, in an objective manner.

The main aim of an expository essay is to develop the understanding of a particular topic or subject and to improve composition skills. Although it involves factual evidence, they are different from the argumentative essay as they are not aimed at proving a stance.

In schools or colleges, you might have been assigned the task of writing an expository essay. When I write my paper, I focus on a few keywords which help me understand the type of essay. For example, the essays which include words like ‘explain’, ‘define’, ‘explore’ are usually an expository category of essays.

If you are facing difficulty in understanding the concept of the expository essay, then the following tips will help you identify the key aspects and features which you can include while writing. You can also rely on professional writers at a paper writing service website for writing expository essays for you.

  1. Always approach the expository essay or the topic objectively. It implies not to quote what you think about the topic, and avoid subjective opinions rather the goal is to provide the readers with the information based on the particular topic.

  2. There is a common structure of expository essays including the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. Essays written by an expert essay writer are clear and have logical transitions between them.

  3. When you structure your essay, in an opening sentence, you give the general statement about the topic to catch the attention of the readers. After that, you should provide the facts that need to clarify the topic.

  4. A thesis statement is part of the introductory paragraph and it should be in a concise manner. The thesis statement is based on the facts and explains the central point of the given topic.

  5. The outline is an important component of an essay because it helps you to organize your ideas and thoughts.

  6. The body is the central part of an expository essay and it gives the main idea. The body paragraph should be based on logical evidence which may include quotes, facts, and statistics. Your essay should also have a strong conclusion. Your conclusion is based on a discussion of the whole essay, and you should avoid writing any new point in the concluding paragraph.

  7. When I write my essay an expository essay, you should have vast research about the topic. Your evidence should be based on relative facts and important sources include dairies, letters, journals, autobiographies, and creative work, essays, articles, encyclopedias, and some other reference source.

How does listening to music affect your life?

Certain activities express the inner state of mind of the people and music is one of the most important elements to express and communicate feelings. It leaves a positive effect on the life of a human being. Music is a force that affects your emotions, memory, and health. It also helps people to cope with sorrow. Studies have found that music improves memory therefore, musicians have a better memory than others and it resists the state of dementia in people. Music is also helpful for mental treatment as it controls the release of stress hormones.

As per essay writer music plays a significant role in changing the moods of people. While listening to music different parts of the brain react differently and are activated therefore, a person feels different kinds of emotions while listening to a different genre of music, for example, it is a common fact that a person tends to feel sad when listening to sad songs. On the contrary, listening to uplifting music and happy songs elevate the mood. It is also useful to calm down the anxiety, therefore music therapy is used to treat anxiety and depression among people. Music is associated with an improvement in personality. Multiple studies have found that listening to music before an examination has better outcomes as it improves the learning process and helps in memorizing difficult words which are beneficial for retaining good vocabulary words.

Music is not only useful to mental health but it also improves your physical health. The rhythms and beats in different kinds of music exert an energizing force that decreases the fatigue in the people. Music has a significant impact on our lives and is present in every part of human life. Spiritual rituals are usually framed in rhythmic symphonies, and children learn their alphabets through different songs. Research has shown that music strongly influences productivity, creativity, and mental or physical illness.

However, few studies conclude that listening to violent music increases negative emotion and aggressive thoughts hence, encourages crimes and violence. Despite that study, musicologists have found different types of music are effective in crime prevention in society.

In conclusion, music triggers the hormones in the body which have psychological and emotional influences. The rhythms positively affect the mood and influence our daily behavior. It can not only make sad days brighter but can also be used for therapeutic purposes for mental illness.

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