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Repotting plants

Between six and eight weeks your plants should reach 10 to 12 inches high. When you reach this size it is time to repot them in their final home. 5-gallon planters or grow bags are ideal.

Fill the bottom of each pot with about 4-5 inches of potting soil, then place your hand on top of the plant, allowing your plant to come through your fingers between the third and fourth finger, turn upside down, and gently remove the plant with its roots and soil from the planter. Transfer the plant to the larger planter or grow bag and carefully secure the plant by filling the pot with more soil until the soil comes just about to the top of the pot. Carefully water your plant ensuring that it is standing straight in the center of the pot and place in the same area where it will get direct sunlight but not too much heat. Pay careful attention to how much you are watering them. At this stage, I usually water them every 2 to 3 days.


You can purchase seeds from a seed bank. I got mine from Home Grown Cannabis Co., they have a wide range of seeds available to choose from. I choose Matanuska, Lemon OG, Maracuya, and Amnesia since they grow better outdoor.

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