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From Seed to Seedling - From Seeds To Weeds

When growing cannabis or hemp from home watching your germinating seeds sprout is incredibly fulfilling.

Seeds Sprouting on Day 3

Now that you have germinated your seeds for a few days you can check them to see their progress. On day two I checked the seeds and they were just starting to sprout their taproots. One day later, the taproots had grown substantially (see image above).

Day 3 Steps

The next step is fairly simple, fill a Dixie cup 3/4 of the way with soil meant for growing hemp or cannabis. Soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest is perfect for the job (the link above comes with gloves and I get a few cents for being an affiliate).

If you don’t have access to specialty soil, you can use nearly any soil, as long as you add the proper nutrients. Kyle Kushman, who, in my humble opinion is one of the best growers in the world has a video on YouTube about this. Make sure you use organic nutrients and not chemical ones.

Then all you have to do is this:

1) Poke a small, shallow hole in the center of the soil, and carefully plant the seed with the taproot facing down. The hole should just be deep enough for the seed to barely be under the soil.

2) Gently push the soil to cover the seed. Then cover the cup with plastic wrap. Keep the plastic wrap in place with a rubber band around the cup and poke about five holes into the plastic and place in a nice warm place.

3) In about a day or two your seeds will sprout through the soil. When that happens, remove the plastic and place the cup in a window for 4-5 days until they are about 3 to 4 inches tall and have 3 to 4 baby weed leaves. Once this happens they are ready to be POTted outdoors.

I purchased my seeds from my favorite seed bank Home Grown Cannabis Co.

I really like using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil as it is really good for growing cannabis and hemp outdoors.

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