#DownTime is a gorgeous painting by Annette Winkler which embodies the cannabis consumers heart and sole after just a few puffs. As the blunt burns and we all relax this painting catches the subtle variations in light. 


Canvas Wrap

This quality print with gallery-wrapped edges is mounted ready to hang. Precision printed polyester canvas stretched around 1.25 inch bars creates a vivid 3D-like effect. It feels like the real thing! 


To fulfilled orders, we use Order a Print to print and ship your art to your home. Please allow 1-3 days for production and 7-10 days for shipping.


To learn more about customizable options such as framing and wrap style please contact info@jeffthe420chef.com 


About The Artist

Annette Winkler was born on December 8, 1965 in West-Berlin, Germany. After attending nursing school she worked as a nurse in the critical care unit in both Berlin and Darmstadt. She was responsible for ensuring that critically ill patients and their families received optimal care as quickly as possible. In 1985 she met her future husband Andreas and they traveled together for the first time to the United States of America. Here, both fell in love with this great country. 10 years later Annette and her family moved to Florida where Annette fully devoted her life to her two children, learning a new way of Life and a new language. Painting quickly became a creative outlet for her where she could find some quiet time and consistency in her new ever-changing life.


One of Annette's most recent artworks of an iguana sold to the late wife of Steve Irwin, Terri Irwin. Her artwork has been accepted and placed on display in Galleries in Berlin, Germany and she also has several pieces on display in Fuessen, Germany. Her background in video-editing and photography often helped propel her by helping her understand composition and adding a unique perspective to her subjects. She has received several awards in her fields and is known throughout the art scene. As a full-time artist, she is excited to help various charities in another way – with the help of colors. She has donated a number of artworks to give back to society in her own way. She also donates a portion of the proceeds from each art piece sold. Annette has worked with numerous charities such as the Breast Cancer charities.  She created a rose painting especially for a shirt design for Breast cancer awareness month for Friends After Diagnosis. It was such a success that she was asked to create another design for the 2016 shirt.


Annette has teamed up with JeffThe420Chef to bring you 420 Art also known as Cannabis Art. Annette is taking some of Jeff's most famed dishes and turning them into paintings. Annette's pieces cover very different subjects and range from tranquil scenes of still life to bold and colorful canvas in sometimes large sizes. Annette works out of her home and studio in Vero Beach, Florida. To see her original art please visit her website www.annettewinkler.com

420 Art: #DownTime

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