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Order your very own copy of The 420 Gourmet signed by JeffThe420Chef with a personalized message.

Described as "The foodie’s guide to cannabis": The 420 Gourmet is a smart, sophisticated, and beautifully illustrated cookbook for at-home chefs wanting to safely create and experience their own edibles.

JeffThe420Chef is revolutionizing the world of edibles. He first began cooking with cannabis to help a close friend’s mother manage the pain, nausea, and discomfort from her cancer treatments. Over time, he developed a specific process that effectively neutralizes the smell and taste of cannabis when infusing it into butters and oils, leading to a new understanding of edibles and their potential for medicinal use.

In The 420 Gourmet, JeffThe420Chef, combines his fun-loving approach to cooking with practical information about marijuana—including specific guidelines for safe dosing (along with a comprehensive dosage calculator), summaries of the principal strains and their typical effects, delicious recipes and other interesting details about this awesome herb.

The 420 Gourmet (Autographed)

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