The French press coffee maker is simply my favorite go to method for making home infusions. Our French Press makes 34 oz/8 cups (1 Liter) of beautiful and full-flavored infusions and is the perfect tool for making your home infusions, as well as it can be used to make coffee, that I hope you infuse! 


Why the Procizion French Press Coffee Maker:

1. Triple filter system: The second screen pushes the first screen to touch the glass tightly all around to catch any tiny bits of plant matter which might pass through the first screen and the third screen ensures nothing passes ensuring you will not be picking buds out of your teeth.


2. Smart design: The carafe is made of durable heat resistant borosilicate glass and the white plastic under the lid is BPA free to protect you from burning your hands when pouring coffee.


How to use the french press for infusing.


NOTE: Not to be used as the Levo Potency increase, it will not work for that

French Press For Home Infusion

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