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01: KoreaTown Collective and Why Prop. 64 (recreational use) Might Be a Bad Idea

KoreaTown collective is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best dispensaries in all of Los Angeles, and today I’m sitting down with Janice to talk about what goes into proper dosing and communicating dosage on ‘medibles,’ pet medicating, and then we dive deep into the legal scene, and what you need to know about what you’ll be voting on concerning marijuana this election season. Enjoy!

The Main Points:

  • Pets can benefit from edibles, but be extremely careful and keep dosage very low. Primarily CBD, with very low amounts of THC

  • People need to be careful of dosages. The medible community has a history of dosing too high

  • Brands and dispensaries need to be held to more strict standards for communicating dosages requirements, and what is contained in the edible

  • Los Angeles is the only city in California that has a voter initiative, requiring voters to update its legislation, in order to keep dispensaries operating

  • Because of the device being used, legalizing recreational marijuana would probably result in far more DUIs being given out, as the devices will detect it even if you are just around it

  • If Prop 64 goes through, there will be more middle-men between the consumer and the grower, which will lower the consumer’s ability to judge and know the quality


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