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14: Mind Tricks: Family Recipes with a Twist with Jena Perez

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

This episode of Wake and Bake I interview Jena Perez, co-owner of Mind Tricks cannabis infused Toffee. She talks about her line of delicious Toffee that comes in a variety of amazing flavors (my favorites are the PB&J and the Coconut Creme Pie). Their company offers both medicated and unmedicated toffee, so anyone anywhere in the world can enjoy these treats.

She discusses her business, which started as a family recipe that her and her siblings put a twist on. Their candy was such a hit amongst friend it turned into their own brick and mortar candy store in San Diego called Sweet Bricks. After launching their cannabis infused products, their business took off and due to complications of the MMJ industry they decided to close the brick and mortar store and focus solely on their medical brand.

Download this episode today to hear more about this wonderful product, how it’s made, and where you can find some of this delicious Toffee in California!

Main Points:

  • Social media makes it tough for the Cannabis industry.

  • Started with a brick and mortar store in San Diego, SweetBricks.

  • Mind Tricks took over and Sweet Bricks, unfortunately, closed.

  • There’s a potential in the future to open Cannabis stores that aren’t a dispensary.

  • Great flavors available like Cookies and Cream, PB&J, Salted Dark Chocolate, Brownie, Smores, and Coconut Cream Pie.

  • Based on original family recipe.

  • Their toffee is made with CO2 extracted cannabis oil.

  • Lower doses are office.

  • Dosing is hard with toffee, as each piece is hand broken.

  • There are non medicated Mind Tricks available for people all over the world.


Mind Tricks Website

Mind Tricks Instagram

Where to find MindTricks

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