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12: Are You The Next Cannabis Chef? Elise McDonough of High Times

Elise McDonough from High Times is joining us on this episode to talk about a huge range of cannabis topics, from the “fun” culture of cannabis cuisine, to reasons why cannabis should be considered a preventative medicine. We’re talking about the moment in history that we find ourselves in, what the trajectory looks like, and why it looks like we’re at a tipping point. Enjoy!

Main Points:

  • Fun is often one of the most important ingredients in cannabis cooking culture

  • Early on, “beyond the brownie” was an important distinction for cannabis cuisine

  • Cannabis should be looked at and used almost as if it were any other ingredient

  • We’re at a tipping point where enough people have seen the benefits of cannabis, to where the overall impression is changing

  • Each cannabis strain is a unique medicine, and we’re just starting to figure that out

  • There’s a push to demonize one aspect of cannabis, when the whole plant is the most effective

  • Cannabis needs to be looked at carefully as a preventative medicine as well

  • It’s important to let people know about microdosing and non-psychoactive ways of taking cannabis

  • While many chefs opt to try to take the cannabis taste out, others try to work with it


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