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02: Infused Expo: Keiko on What Proposition Will Raise Prices on Marijuana for the Consumer

Today I’m speaking with the one and only Keiko, founder of Infused Expo as well as Edibles List! This episode is all about where we stand, at this moment in history, in relationship to the general culture’s understand of marijuana. We talk about how, gradually, the stigma about marijuana is fading, and people are starting to understand what the plant is really all about. Listen up!

The Main Points:

  • Prop 64 will probably end up being very debilitating for anyone who is cultivating

  • Taxation and added hoops to jump through will make it very difficult for marijuana cultivators

  • This will make the end price much higher for the consumer

  • A recommendation from a doctor does not always mean you are 100% safe. If you get a California health card in addition, you are much safer

  • The opinion of cannabis in general society can only be changed over time and continual education

  • Legalization is important, but legalizing properly is the most important thing


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