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03: Micro-Dosing, Indica vs Sativa, Decarbing, and Heavy Metals: Q&A with Jeff the 420 Chef

This is a special Q&A episode, where Jared is asking fan questions about cannabis, how to cook with it, what to use, and what micro-dosing is and what it’s effective, and much more! Tuesdays on Wake and Bake are your opportunity to get your questions answered on-air, so please submit your questions, if there’s anything you’ve ever wondered about or been confused by, in the world of medibles, or cannabis in general! Submit your questions right here!

The Main Points:

  • In edibles, there is far too much variety in dosing

  • Micro-dosing allows you to eat a normal amount of food, and feel really good, not overdosing

  • If you get too high a dose in edibles, it will ruin the whole experience for you

  • If you want to get into higher doses, use layered micro-dosing to get up there without overdosing

  • The common idea is that indica = sedating, sativica = uplifting, but there is a lot more that goes into it

  • Strains need to be matched to the specific thing that is being medicated for

  • Heavy metals are often introduced to the cannabis from the soil, etc. Good growers should flush those out, but not all of them will. Soaking cannabis in distilled water will start to remove those

  • Decarbing: Removing the acid from THC. Decarbing has to happen between 240-250 degrees. I do 240 degrees for 1 hour

  • Don’t cook with bubba hash


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