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04: Do It Yourself, Do It Right: How to Make Your Own Edibles with Keira

Here at Wake and Bake, our motto is “Do it yourself, do it right,” and this conversation gets into a bit more of what that actually means in practice. I’m speaking with Keira of Weedmaps TV, a show that teaches anyone how to cook amazing foods with cannabis on their own. The value of cooking or baking edibles yourself, rather than purchasing them, is that you can know with full certainty the quality of the food and the plant involved, as well as the specific dosages that have gone in, which means you are far more likely to have a really good experience. Learn how on today’s episode of Wake and Bake!

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s really important to teach people to medicate themselves

  • Learn dosages. Dosages are extremely important to understand deeply

  • Sauces can work really well to infuse, to create foods that are often not associated with edibles, but work really well

  • Each edible project needs to be very tailored to the individual

  • As a medicine, the cannabis industry needs to focus on quality

  • When you cook your own, you know exactly what you’re getting, and what the quality is of what you’re doing


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