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05: Weedmaps: Educating and Dispelling Myths Around Cannabis Culture and Usage with Lance Lambert

With the recent changes in laws regarding cannabis all around the world, there is a lot of work to be done in educating people about the plant, its uses and benefits, as well as dispelling some of the common beliefs surrounding cannabis culture and what that means. Weedmaps is on the forefront of that process, and this conversation with Lance Lambert, head of operations at Weedmaps, digs into what that means practically for both consumers and anyone involved in the cannabis industry today.

The Main Points:

  • Weedmaps connects dispensaries and doctors with patients and consumers

  • While cannabis connects and transcends all generations and demographics, certain favor different avenues of consumption

  • Teaching people how to properly use cannabis, especially in this climate with big progress in legalizing both recreational and medical cannabis, is very important

  • Weedmaps is moving into the educational side of cannabis, as well as the lifestyle

  • Now that cannabis is legalized for recreational use, medical use will probably be looked at more seriously

  • When you start to dig into the effects of THC vs. CBD, you start to realize that the broader image of cannabis culture might be very wrong


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