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06: Lola Lola is Creating Cannabis Industry Standards for Branding and Quality

With the continued march towards cannabis becoming mainstream, there are large strides being made in creating a consumer branding experience that is engaging, memorable, and points toward the quality of the product, and that is exactly what Lola Lola is doing. With some of the most beautiful packaging anywhere, they they are leading the charge in creating exactly what the industry standard will be for quality and branding. Enjoy this episode of Wake and Bake!

The Main Points:

  • There is a lot of work to be done in making cannabis products really consumer grade and marketable products in the way they look and are presented

  • There is a lot of education to be done around the the intricacies of cannabis and even the enjoyment of cannabis

  • There is a huge amount of space right now for producers in the cannabis industries to create the industry standards for quality and branding, and Lola Lola is at the forefront of this


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