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07: Turning Edibles into “Incredibles” with Steven Chang

The company Incredibles is doing a lot in the world of edibles. From the care they take in sourcing and understanding the people they work with through every phase of production, to the fantastic products they produce, Incredibles are setting the industry standard for edibles. Learn what they’re doing, and what it means for the cannabis industry as a whole, on this episode of Wake and Bake!

Main Points:

  • When the older generation can see the difference that cannabis and edibles can have on people in pain and people who need it, they can become more aware of the good it is doing

  • People in this industry who are succeeding are the people who aren’t making it about themselves, but the people they are helping

  • Education is a huge part in helping consumers to really enjoy edibles

  • Tracking where and who you are working with is essential to producing quality edibles


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