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09: A Better Way to Infuse with Levo Founder Christina Bellman

The world of cannabis is moving forward at a historically fast rate, and Levo is on the forefront of building an industry of fantastic edible products. Levo is an infuser to help you infuse your butters and oils with cannabis in a way that is delicious, and is exact to your specific needs. Today I am talking with the founder of Levo, Christina Bellman, about all things edibles and infusing. Enjoy!

Main Points:

  • Most infusers use blades to grind the herb into the oil, and that makes the cannabis taste far too strong

  • Levo steeps the cannabis instead of grinder, for a less strong cannabis taste

  • Levo is bringing industry standards to the cannabis industry, and is an appliance that you can be proud to have on your counter

  • Exact temperature control is essential to the process of steeping

  • It’s not all about hiding the cannabis flavor, but sometimes complementing them can work very well too


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