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10: Fighting and Beating Stage 4 Liver Cancer with Cannabis: Tahnee Shah

Tahnee Shah was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and given 3 months to live. Shortly thereafter, she started medicating with cannabis, and stopped taking 20 of her 22 daily pills immediately. In 60 days, her cancer had shrunk by 30%, and now, 3 years later, she is still growing stronger everyday.

I’m speaking with Tahnee on the podcast today to learn more about her story and experience with cannabis, how it has helped her, and how it can help others.

Main Points:

  • Dealing with something like cancer, the number of drugs can be just too much for your body to handle

  • Tahnee stopped 20 of the 22 pills she was on when she started using cannabis

  • After starting chemo with cannabis oil every night, within 60 days the cancer shrank 30%

  • Medicating with cannabis needs to be just one of several lifestyle steps in order to see results

  • There’s a stigma about cannabis as a gateway drug, which is now not only false, but in the case of medicinal cannabis, the opposite is true, is it takes you off of other unhealthy drugs

  • After you defeat the side-effects of the drugs, your body has the strength to fight back


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