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11: The High Dining Cannabis Experience with Lindsey and Barbie of MJU High Dining

Most people don’t even consider the potential for cannabis infused foods to take the form of a high dining experience, but my guests today, Lindsey and Barbie, are talking about how MJU High Dining is creating exactly that! In addition, we’re talking about the importance of education in the space, of physical, in-person meetings and connections, as well as some in-depth tips on how to cook with cannabis. Bon appetit!

Main Points:

  • A lot of people come to the world of edibles with negative connotations and experiences

  • Education is an essential part of the journey towards more understanding and widespread, responsible use

  • Physical, in-person events should be an important part of cannabis education going forward

  • You must clean the bud BEFORE you infuse it, to remove a lot of the herbaceous taste

  • People need to learn that cannabis can be infused into a far larger variety of foods than the typical, most common choices

  • People getting into the cannabis industry need a network, or community, of like-minded people


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